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About us

trust&fortune impact B.V. is all about the visibility and attractiveness of the SME sector for talent. This is so important to us because it keeps the Mittelstand (especially small and medium-sized enterprises) economically strong.

As a social entrepreneur, we are also concerned with promoting sustainable and scalable business ideas from women. This is so important to us because it enables women to become financially independent and secure their existence in the long term.

The result of our cooperation with medium-sized future leaders enables them to reduce their hiring costs as well as recruitment time by 20% and to increase employee satisfaction by up to 50%.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition by always focusing on individually tailored solutions from practice for practice, instead of offering one fits all solutions – and we do this in a results-oriented way, not on an hourly basis.

We also want to achieve 25% more women founding their own startups. To achieve this, half of our profits will be invested in sustainable women-led startups.

Founder Sophie Descollaz

trust&fortune impact B.V.

The name trust&fortune impact B.V. was born out of the conviction that trust and a favorable disposition make a decisive contribution to the success of a company.

Trust is the basis for good cooperation and a positive corporate culture. Favorable coincidence means on the one hand: The good fortune of being in the right place at the right time with the right people and products. And on the other hand: consciously seizing and using one’s opportunities.

Trust and fortune have an enormous impact and are the key elements of a success story. We want to share this vision with our customers.

About our founder – Sophie Descollaz – the talent forger

French, mother of adult 2 children, emigrated after high school at 18 and since then lived and worked in different countries. Currently she lives in the Netherlands.

Track Record:

Study of intercultural management at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich

Career start at the Information Department of the UN and supervision of NGOs with up to 52 nationalities at the same time

10 years of experience as intercultural consultant and mediator (support of mergers & acquisitions, integration of teams, preparation for a foreign assignment and later reintegration) for companies from the industry, media world, banks and insurance companies

15 years of HR experience: employer branding (increased the number of job applications 10-fold in some cases), professionalization of HR departments, development of HR strategies, personnel development for management and HR consultancies, e-commerce companies as well as manufacturing industry

Foundation of a German-French parent-child initiative in Munich: with all-day care (daily from 8h to 18h)


Founding president of the first virtual club of Soroptimist International Germany:

She is also a mentor at:

Female ventures:

SI LEaR e.V.:

other networks:

Business Angels Deutschland e.V.:

we support the following Initiatives Women Angels Mission#25 (#wam25):

Female Investor Network:

Ladies Mentoring:


encourageventures e.V.:


our consulting approach considers all interfaces and stakeholders


we respond individually to the needs of each customer and thus ensure a custom-fit solution


we take great care to use our customers’ time, money and energy resources sparingly